Titanic 3D, James Cameron improves on an undeniable classic

Guys, Titanic in 3D looked amazing.

I do not write this lightly.

I have always been one of 3D’s harshest critics and opponents—I think it does the opposite of what cinema is meant to do, that is connect the audience with what’s on the screen. It looks dark and crude and just needless. 

Yet, this 3D conversion is not like that at all. The glasses might be dark, but the image is crisp, clear and colorful. Leo DiCaprio’s lovely face is lovelier than ever, Kate Winslet is radiant and the special effects look better than they ever have. I was really quite impressed.

The story itself will always be timeless. It had been years since I had seen the film simply because it is so long and emotionally taxing. This time it was no different in that regard—I was a big pile of goo and tissues. However, seeing the film now, 15 years later and as a student of cinema, I have a whole different appreciation for the film. I might have a problem with a few of Cameron’s blockbusters (Aliens, I’m looking at you), but Titanic has heart and in many regards, Cameron’s directing is fresh and clever, such as when he transitions from the wreckage of Titanic back to how it looked in 1912. Oh and this script! This script will always always always make me wish I was more of a romantic. But most of all it’s poignant and memorable. 

After all these years, my memory of Titanic was quite grand, but I have to say it really lived up to it.

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