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The Anna Karenina trailer dissected: why I’m sure it’ll be Oscar-worthy

So the trailer for Joe Wright’s Anna Karenina hit the interwebz this week after much anticipation for it on my part. I’ve been pretty much tracking it since news broke out last April that it was in production. And, oh boy, did that trailer NOT disappoint.

Here are some reasons why I’m super excited.

1) It’s Joe Wright. Through the years, Wright has really grown as a director and when he’s dealing with a period piece, he really shines. He has this lovely way of taking the period piece and making it completely unconventional. I wrote an entire paper about this in grad school, because he mixes the tropes of the period piece and then subverts it with atypical and dynamic camera movement. Do you remember that scene in Pride & Prejudice when Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy are dancing and the camera barely moves? Then suddenly it cuts to this amazing segment in which Darcy and Elizabeth are by themselves and the camera is completely fluid and spirited, showcasing their passion? Yup, perfection. Basically I cannot praise Wright enough for his wily cinema and feminist ways. I completely trust the Russian period piece in his hands.

2) Tom Stoppard wrote the screenplay. I must admit, that the one element I was worried about was the screenplay. I mean, how could you possible take an 800-page book and turn into a two hour movie? It’s nearly impossible. Yet, if anyone can do it, it’s Tom Stoppard, the gifted British playwright who has one an Academy Award and four Tonys for his work. I’m not worried.

3) The cinematography! Just look at the photos above. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Seamus McGarvey, who also worked with Wright for The Soloist and Atonement (subsequently McGarvey is also know for DPing movies like The Avengers and The Hours), is the cinematographer. This duo is always spectacular. I can already see we are going to get some signature Wright/McGarvey shots like the mirror one in the fourth picture. Closely resembles this one in Atonement, no?

4) Score by Dario Marianelli. Marianelli has pretty much worked with Wright in every film that he has done. Not only has he had added depth and emotion to all those films, but he’s also won Awards, like an Academy Award, a Golden Globe and a BAFTA for Atonement

5) This cast. I know 90% of my gender does not like Keira Knightley. At first, I didn’t either, but Wright has a way of bringing out the best in Knightley and I think she really shines in all his movies. He really makes her a heroine we can root for. I know Jude Law is going to be brilliant in this just based on the snippets of him we get in the trailer—he’s the perfect Alexei Karenin, Anna’s cold and pious husband. Aaron Johnson as Vronsky, Anna’s lover, is inspired and his handsome and soulful enough to tempt a woman like Anna; Matthew MacFadyen as Oblonsky, Anna’s brother, is sure to be great as he always is; Domnhall Gleeson as Levin is right on the nose. The rest of the cast includes staples of British cinema like Kelly MacDonald, Olivia Williams, Michelle Dockery, Emily Watson and Ruth Wilson.

So basically all of the stars have aligned to create a film that I think will satisfy all my cinematic urges. November 9 cannot come soon enough!

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