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Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth + Mr.Darcy

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Lizzie, Cecilia, Anna.

It´s been fascinating to watch Keira grow as I´ve grown, we´ve kind of grown together. She was eighteen when we made “Pride and prejudice” so she was pretty much a kid. And then we made “Atonement”, she was twenty one or two and now, as she matures, she´s become this incredibly strong woman and utterly fearless as well. Those were the qualities I really wanted to bring to the screen in “Anna Karenina”.

(Joe Wright, Director)

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Favourite Movies | Pride and Prejudice

“I’ve made the film quite muddy and grubby. I think people’s lives were quite grubby and quite hard and quite difficult. So I hope the romance, the aspiration for romantic love is all the more human and it’s greater and more pure and more divine because of the grubby earthbound lives that the characters are living.”

(Joe Wright, Director)

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