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Trailer: ‘Life Itself' - July 4

Directed by Steve James, featuring Martin Scorsese, Werner Herzog, Errol Morris and the documentary’s subject Roger Ebert.

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Le Week-End Trailer

This movie is actually how I thought the next “Before” film would go. Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke attempting to reignite their love, but in Austria instead of Paris. Nonetheless, this looks sweet and honest.

New trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Just premiered at Comic Con. Chills, you guys. Chills. That’s how you cut a trailer. 

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Hitchcock Trailer

Was actually a bit on the fence about this movie, guys, but now I think I’m really excited. Let’s be real here: who doesn’t love Hitchcock?


Stoker Trailer

This looks really cool. And frightening. I like how the three leads are so porcelain-like.

Steph, I’m so excited for this movie. Chan-wook Park is a master of suspense and if this is anything like Oldboy then we are in for a bone-chilling treat. Plus, Kidman, Goode and Wasikowska look deliciously deranged.

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